Integrated products are a powerful and innovative combination of business tools with one goal in mind – increasing efficiency.

Form/card and form/label combinations help consolidate inventories, save space, reduce labeling errors and streamline production. Applications for integrated products are everywhere, from traditional form/card and form/label combinations to decals, magnetic cards, self-laminating cards, holographic laminates, customer shapes and much more.

All integrated products are available in continuous and laser cut sheet formats.

Construction Options
    • Label
    • Card
    • Label & card
    • Peel & stick card
    • Peel & stick label
    • Peel & fold card

Liner Options
    • Self-Contained Coated Back

Carbonless compatible with excellent transfer properties. Designed especially for dot matrix printing, it leaves a consistent and well defined image on the liner and part two of multi-part forms.

    • Coated Back

Cost-effective, carbonless compatible option. Image transfers to second part of multipart forms for great record keeping quality.

    • Plain

Economical, laser compatible option. Perfect for applications which do not require transfer or image retention.

Additional Features
    • Continuous & laser cut sheet
    • Prepositioned formats
    • Custom Design formats
    • Custom shape dies
    • Clear, matte & high gloss
    • Tamper proof/void
    • Special adhesives
    • Dual laminated
    • Numbering
    • Holographic
    • Punch out
    • Laminated
    • Butterfly
    • Multi-fold
    • Decals

Magnetic information card
    • Insurance card
    • Frequent buyer program
    • Event schedule
    • Athletic schedule
    • Membership card
    • Identification card
    • Gift card
    • Discount card
    • Event pass
    • X-ray label
    • Parking permit
    • Order form
    • Pick/Pack list
    • Service order
    • Repair ticket
    • Product identification
    • Statements
    • Invoices