Printegra offers an array of standard and upgradable features to defend against counterfeiting techniques such as chemical alteration, erasure, toner removal and photocopying.

Paper Security Options

Level 1 – Basic Security Paper
    • Invisible Embedded Fibers
    • Laser Compatible
    • UV Dull
    • Bleach & Oxidizer Reactivity
    • Solvent Based Ink Eradicator Reaction
Level 2 – Advanced Security Paper
      • True Fourdrinier Watermark
      • Invisible Embedded Fibers
      • Toner Grip
      • Laser Compatible
      • UV Dull
      • Bleach & Oxidizer Reactivity
      • Solvent Based Ink Eradicator Reaction
Level 3 – Superior Security Paper
        • Laser Compatible
        • Invisible Embedded Fibers
        • Visible Fibers
        • Full Chemical Reactivity
        • True Fourdrinier Watermark
        • Optically Dead Base Sheet
Copy Alert Security Check Paper
          • Heat Sensitive Thermochomic Lock Icon
          • Full Length Security Backer
          • Security Warning Order
            • Micro Print – Signature Line & Backers
            • True Watermark
            • Toner Adhesion Coating
              • Chemical Reactive Paper
              • Fluorescent Fibers
              • Available in Three Colors: Blue, Burgundy & Green

Standard Print Security Features

Micro Printing
                • Type printed so small that it appears to be a solid line and can be read under magnification.
                • When copied or scanned, the micro print message becomes unreadable.
Border Copy Warning
                  • Designed to advise the document handlers of specific overt and covert safeguards.
                  • Eight pre-designed warning borders available.
Padlock Icon
                    • Indicates that additional security features have been incorporated in the design.

Upgrade Print Security Features

ODT™ Void Pantograph
                      • The word “VOID” appears when copied or scanned on most equipment.
                      • Available in three different patterns
                      • Recommended colors: Black, PMS 175 Brown, PMS 281 Blue, Reflex Blue, PMS 342 Green and PMS 209 Maroon
Thermochromic Ink
                        • Specially treated ink provides a color changing sequence when heated to a defined temperature range.
                        • Standard on FormSource Limited Plus and Limited Ultra check stock.
Security Screened Backer
                          • Endorsement backer with the words “Original Document” which will drop out when copied.
                          • Complies with the Federal Reserve Regulation CC.
Bleed Thru MICR & Arabic Numbering
                            • Aniline dye in ink results in numbers penetrating paper developing into visible, ghosted or blurred image on back of document.